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About Evanthia

2022-05-03 0 comments

Evanthia is a historical Greek mansion built in late 18th century and owned by Evanthia Ignathio who
was a healer and dedicated her life to cure with her gift inherited from Saint Johannis.

Evanthia lived in this mansion until the population exchange between Greece and Turkey in 1923,
then she left Cappadocia without any trace.

Later the mansion was acquised by a well-known local family.
Many famous and distinguished guests such as the former president of Turkish Republic İsmet İnönü were hosted while visiting Ürgüp.
In 1980 the house was abandoned and therefore deteriorated.

The restoration of Evanthia started in 2018 and it took four years to complete while preserving the orijinal plan.
The mansion is certified as heritage building by the Ministry of Culture.

We will be honoured to welcome you tu Evanthia where you can feel refreshed by the positive energy of the building.

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